Gripper Gloves Orange 10 Pack Size EXTRA LARGE

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Pack of 10 Economy Gripper Gloves – Ideal for builders, DIY Gardening.
Size: Extra Large


Gripper Gloves Orange 10 Pack Size EXTRA LARGE - Ideal for builders, DIY Gardening.

• Economy multi-purpose glove.
• Natural rubber coated palm.
• Knitted area on back to aid air passage and comfort.

• EN388: 2003
• Level 2 - Abrasion
• Level 1 - Cut Resistance
• Level 2 - Tear Resistance
• Level 1 - Puncture

Also Available as Large Gripper Gloves (L)

The Gripper Gloves Orange 10 pack are B-Brand orange and yellow gripper gloves are highly visible and are manufactured from a natural rubber coated palm, with knitted area on the back to allow air passage and comfort. - Size Extra Large.

Store in dry conditions away from excessive heat and keep in the original packaging prior to use.

Gloves should be inspected prior to use to ensure there is no damage present. Laundering may affect the performance of the gloves.

These gloves are suitable for building work, gardening, maintenance work and other applications, bearing in mind the gloves are Level 2 Abrasion.

Packed as 10 pairs, we can despatch in bulk if needed.